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CODE Q'TY DESCRIPTION REMARK UL9060001 1 PAPER FEED ROLLER ASSY UL9066001 1 PAPER PICK-UP ROLLER ASSY LJ4499001 1 TR ELECTRODE HELICAL SPRING MODEL HL-1240/1250 FAQS Call us to get a The power cord, including extensions, should not exceed 5 meters (16.5 feet). Page 50: Optional Serial I/o, Eeprom CHAPTER 3 THEORY OF OPERATION 1.3.5 Optional serial I/O HL-1250 The interrupt of the serial I/O is input to the EXINT terminal of the ASIC, Page 117 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING Error Message Remedy FUSER MALFUNCTION Turn the power switch off, wait a few seconds and then turn it on again. http://drupalmostpopular.com/brother-hl/brother-hl-1240-error-lights.html

If the pressure plate is deformed, paper feeding problems may occur. Explanation: When the laser unit becomes worn it can cause a deterioration in the print quality. Consumables are items that you are expected to replace in the normal course of using your printer, for example: toners, drums and fusing units. Page 101: Packing CHAPTER 4 DISASSEMBLY AND RE-ASSEMBLY PACKING Insertion sheet Accessory bag Accessory carton AC Cord Drum Unit (with Toner Cartridge included) Printer Carton Fig. 4-66 4-37...

Brother Hl 1440 Alarm Light Flashing

Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.2 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Page 66 CHAPTER 4 DISASSEMBLY AND RE-ASSEMBLY Paper Cassette (1) Close the front cover, pull out the paper cassette from the printer and remove the paper from the cassette. DIAMETER / CIRCUMFERENCE OF ROLLERS The diameter and circumference of each roller are listed below; Parts Name Diameter (Circumference)  14.0 mm (44.0 mm) Paper Feed Roller  15.20 mm (47.7

  1. Leave the machine for 10 minutes and it may recover.
  2. Remove the drum unit from the printer.
  3. Page 191 INDEX unpacking ..........2-2 USB ............1-5 USB interface ......1-2, 1-3, 3-5 USB interface cable........2-7 USB port............2-9 warm-up ............1-4 warning ............6-2 wave ............6-13 weight ............1-5 white horizontal stripes......6-31 white spots ..........6-34
  4. Page 195 CONTENTS FRAME / DRIVE UNIT ................1 LASER UNIT..................1 PAPER FEEDER .................. 3 PAPER CASSETTE................3 FIXING UNIT ..................5 COVERS....................7 MAIN PCB .................... 5 ENGINE PCB..................9 LOW-VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY............9 10.
  5. Page 72 CHAPTER 4 DISASSEMBLY AND RE-ASSEMBLY Front Cover (1) Open the front cover. (2) Remove the four M3x8 Taptite screws from the main cover.

Fig. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. How much will my Brother HL-1240 printer repair cost? Page 21: Print Guaranteed Area CHAPTER 1 GENERAL 3.5.2 Print guaranteed area The values above vary depending on the paper size.

Should the same fault reoccur within this time we will provide you with a call out completely free of charge. Brother Hl-1440 Alarm And Data Light Page 149 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING I-22 Light rain Remedy Possible cause Step Check Result Drum unit failure Is the problem solved after Replace the drum unit. Please wait for a while. Site Map Legal Privacy Policy Global Site Register Help Remember Me? Page 169 APPENDIX Diagnostics This tool helps you to report your PC environment to investigate the cause of problem such as ‘Printer won’t print’ or ‘Printer prints garbage or incorrect fonts’.

NOTE: · When re-assembling the heat roller to the fixing unit frame, place the two projections at the right hand side of the roller onto the bosses on the frame as Fig. Page 31: Set The Pc Printer Port, For Macintosh (imac And Power Macintosh) With Usb Users Only CHAPTER 2 INSTALLATION AND BASIC OPERATION 3.3.3 Set the PC printer port Your PC Page 83 CHAPTER 4 DISASSEMBLY AND RE-ASSEMBLY PR99156 (14) Lift and remove the heat roller.

Brother Hl-1440 Alarm And Data Light

The heat roller gear will also come off. (15) Remove the heat roller bearing from the left hand end of the heat roller. It is also shown in the upper line on the right below the drum life bar and indicates the number of the printed pages in units of 1 and 1,000. Brother Hl 1440 Alarm Light Flashing In the case of ordering parts, it needs mentioning the following items: (1) Code (2) Q'ty (3) Description (4) Symbol ( PCB No., Revision , and Parts location mounted on the Brother Hl 1440 All Lights Flashing Page 137 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING All black User Check (1) Clean the corona wire of the drum unit. (2) The drum unit may be damaged.

We are now investigating the problem. http://drupalmostpopular.com/brother-hl/brother-hl-2130-error.html Page 49: Optional Ram CHAPTER 3 THEORY OF OPERATION 1.3.4 Optional RAM HL-1250 A 32bit (72 pin) SIMM can be fitted as optional RAM. Actual print speed varies depending on the media type or paper size as shown in the tables below;... No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher. Brother Hl 1440 Manual

Fig. 2-4 (7) You can view the Initial Setup operations in the video movie. We will provide all other items, including feed rollers, within the fixed price. We are now investigating the problem. navigate here Page 103: Chapter 5 Periodic Maintenance, Consumable Parts, Drum Unit CHAPTER 5 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE CHAPTER 5 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE To avoid creating secondary problems by mishandling, follow the warnings below during maintenance

You will need an engineer to replace these. Page 141 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING White vertical streaks User Check (1) Try to wipe the scanner window with a soft cloth. (2) The toner cartridge may be damaged. Do I have truly unlimited call-outs?

Refer to Step 1 in the table below and NOTE in the next page.

Firstly, identify the Operating System on your computer. What to do: Error: E51 Error Code: Malfunction of laser unit: The laser unit is the part of the printer that writes the information on the drum surface. It is a 1.3 mb pdf file. Page 14 CHAPTER 1 GENERAL USB Interface (for Windows  98, iMac and Power Macintosh G3 Using USB) The printer can be connected using the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface to

body and drum unit dirty? Explanation: When the fuser unit becomes worn it can cause poor quality print and paper jams. A S I C CPU Core Oscillator (32.7MHz) Reset Circuit (MB86833) Address Decoder DRAM Control Program + Font ROM 1.0 Mbytes Timer (2.0 Mbytes) Page 42 CHAPTER 3 THEORY OF OPERATION his comment is here A-22 15.

Yes, your HL-1240 printer repair comes with a 30 day guarantee. If it does then replace the toner unit but if error persists the main motor will need replacing. If fault persists, the fuser unit will need replacing. MAIN PCB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM, HL-1250 (2/5)............

Taptite, bind M3x8 Front cover Main cover Taptite, bind M3x8 Fig. 4-14 (3) Position the front cover at the angle of 45 degrees and release the bosses at the right and Heat roller bearing Heat roller Heat roller bearing... To remove the bearing at the gear side, first remove the washer, then remove the bearing. PAPER FEEDER REF.NO.

Page 22 CHAPTER 1 GENERAL The table below shows the print guaranteed areas for each paper size. Page 86 CHAPTER 4 DISASSEMBLY AND RE-ASSEMBLY NOTE: · When re-assembling the pressure roller cleaner complete with the cleaner spring onto the fixing unit cover, ensure the direction of the roller Page 71 CHAPTER 4 DISASSEMBLY AND RE-ASSEMBLY (17) Turn the cassette upside down and remove the one M3x8 Taptite screw to remove the side guide gear. Page 150 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING I-24 Toner specks User Check (1) Check the paper used meets the recommended paper specifications.

Page 7: Table Of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING............6-1 INTRODUCTION .....................6-1 Initial Check ........................6-1 Warnings for Maintenance Work..................6-2 Identify the Problem ......................6-3 OPERATOR CALLS & SERVICE CALLS ..............6-4 Operator If you would like to include all parts for a fixed price you can choose this option. What happens if I replace my Brother HL-1240 with a new printer? Page 142 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING I-11 Faulty registration Possible cause Step Check Result Remedy Excessive paper Is the paper loaded in the Instruct the user to keep paper load paper cassette

I also took out the cartridge first and gave it the usual gentle swish back and forth and corona wire wipe = still nogo Any thoughts on the subject would be Q. Page 51: Reset Circuit CHAPTER 3 THEORY OF OPERATION 1.3.7 Reset circuit HL-1240 The reset IC is a RN5VD42A. Page 174: Main Pcb, Laser Unit, Engine Pcb, Fixing Unit Appendix 8.

Page 53: Power Supply, Low-voltage Power Supply CHAPTER 3 THEORY OF OPERATION Power Supply 1.5.1 Low-voltage power supply The power supply uses a switching regulation system to generate the regulated DC Page 139 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING PR99154 Black and blurred vertical streaks User Check (1) Clean the corona wire in the drum unit. (2) Check that the corona wire is at the Explanation: Switch the printer off and back on again. User Check (1) Check if the printer cable is not too long.